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Peer Support Services

peer-support-servicesWhat is a Peer Support Specialist?

Peer Support Specialist is an occupational title for a person who has progressed in his/her own recovery from a mental health diagnosis and who is working to assist other people with their mental health diagnosis . Because of their life experiences, Peer Support Specialists have expertise that professional training cannot replicate. Peers support, mentor and assist people with mental health conditions to achieve community inclusion, participation, independence, recovery, resiliency and/or productivity. 


One-On-One Peer Supports

Along with case management  or as a step-down from case management—Peer Support Specialists can help people with:

  • Articulating their goals for recovery
  • Helping them monitor their progress
  • Modeling effective coping techniques & self-help strategies
  • Vocational & Housing assistance
  • Developing Wellness Plans & Advance Directives
  • Learning about and pursuing alternatives to guardianship

Person-Centered Planning Facilitation

Peer Support Specialists are available to assist people with developing their IPOS through the person-centered planning process.

Wellness Workshops

PSS peer support specialists periodically lead workshops on recovery topics such as “Stages of Recovery,” “Stages of Grief” and DBT Skills Coaching.

Support & Recovery Groups

W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)

A structured plan to help people work through mental health challenges or life issues. Through careful observation, group members identify those things to help themselves feel better when they are not feeling well, and those things to stay well and enjoy their lives (Wellness Tools), and then use these wellness tools to develop personal action plans.

P.A.T.H. (Personal Action Toward Health)

Chronic conditions self-management program developed by Stanford University: Participants learn how to problem solve, deal with anger, fear, pain, frustration & depression, fight fatigue, communicate with health care professionals, set weekly action plans, use relaxation techniques, and more!!

Traveler’s Guide

Join others on the journey to recovery and wholeness. Twenty-four sessions in a fun, creative format help group members move toward their own best life. Sessions include: Leaving the past behind, understanding my illness, my treatment, asking for help, decision making and setting life goals.